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It’s time to take the blinkers off

Stereotypes. Some are funny and some, well – they’re just not. But almost every community is tarred with one stereotype or another: from blondes, the Irish and people with disabilities to Muslims, Christians, gay men and women – the list is endless. And most of us are guilty of stereotyping sometimes, if we’re honest.

Do you have a stereotype of someone who’s “prolife”? White? Middle-aged? Middle-class? Right-wing? Religious? Anti-women’s rights? Blinkered? At #notblinkered we want to challenge those stereotypes.

Over the coming weeks, you will get to know the stories of a diverse range of people from all walks of life who are prolife and not blinkered. Some of them may surprise you. They will share their stories and challenge each of us to examine what we think and feel about an issue that causes heated debate on both sides.

Welcome to #notblinkered.

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Compassion, Justice & Equality

Compassion, Justice & Equality

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Speaking Out

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