Compassion, Justice & Equality

Compassion, Justice & Equality

For me, becoming pro-life has been a gradual process. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata At 19 I became vegetarian because I was concerned about animal cruelty. And my opposition to capital punishment also led me to question my position on abortion. T Shirt Armani Ea7 Who decides at what point you are a human being? Sometimes people argue that unborn babies don’t count because they can’t survive without their mothers, but neither can newborns. Moda Calvin Klein Underwear España Acheter Yeezy Boost 350 Why do I care when I’m not religious?

Because I believe compassion, justice and equality are fundamentally important values for people of any faith or none. That’s why I’m #notblinkered, I support Life.

There have been two important moments in my journey towards being prolife and the first goes way back to a school biology lesson. Calvin Klein Bragas I think I realised in that classroom, seeing those basic, child-friendly images of the sperm and the egg, that a human life begins at fertilisation and no-one can really argue with that. T Shirt Balmain Paris And it was later I understood that we have made an arbitrary decision about when human life ‘counts’ and when it doesn’t. Philipp Plein Pas Cher Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 We mistreat unborn human beings because we see them as somehow not quite human, when, in fact, they are as much part of the human family as everyone else. Tendencias de la moda Adidas Ultra Boost Pas Cher Years later, two of my close relatives had abortions, coincidentally at around the same time. Boxer Calvin Klein Al Mayor I saw first-hand their pain and their terrible guilt, and it made me question why they felt they had no other choice than to put themselves through that. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 France What kind of a society supports treating women like this? Why is there this silence about what abortion is really like and how it damages women in such a fundamental way? And then they’re just expected to get on with it, like nothing’s happened, when really, their world has changed forever. Moda ciclica It doesn’t matter how you arrive at a prolife position – people with a faith have their own reasons and I have mine. Tips y tendencias T Shirt Versace Pas Cher What’s great is that we have common ground rooted in concern for vulnerable children, for women – for society as a whole. After all, the way we treat those most vulnerable of human beings, the unborn, must have a huge bearing on how we all treat one another and on what values we hold dear.

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